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Will You Need a New Heating System After This Winter?


You might think it’s a bit early to talk about “after this winter.” We’re still in the middle of yet another cold winter, and sometimes the icy weather can extend through April and even into May. 

But we’re not here to talk about how you’re going to cool down your house in summer. We’re here to talk about the heating system that’s currently in your house, the one that’s running right now to keep you and your family warm.

We want you to think about that heater and if you want to keep it around after this winter. Thinking about its performance now can help you make the important choice about whether to schedule heating service in Eden Prairie, MN with our team to replace it once the winter is done.

How old is your heating system?

When considering replacing a central heater, the first piece of information you need to know is how old it is. You may know this already, but if you aren’t sure, you can find the manufacture date on the unit itself. (If it isn’t there, write down the model and serial number, then visit the manufacturer’s website and use these numbers to find out.) 

A heater’s age isn’t absolute when determining if you need to replace it, but it is a useful yardstick. Let’s use the example of the gas furnace, which is the most common home heating system in the Twin Cities. A gas furnace will usually run for 15 years if it has regular maintenance.

After 15 years, it has a much higher chance of losing its energy efficiency, costing more to run, encountering repair problems, and losing heating capacity. If you’re noticing problems with a gas furnace that’s older than 15 years, it’s time to consider replacing it. 

How has the heater performed so far this winter?

A heating system needs to work reliably and deliver enough heat to make a house comfortable. If you’ve had trouble with either this winter, you might have a dying heater. When you notice rooms aren’t getting as warm as they used to or there are cold spots around the house, you need to call for technicians to examine the heater to see if it needs repair.

Technicians can tell you if the heater will be able to work effectively for several more years after the repair. Factor in the heater’s age to determine if it’s better to replace the heater than repair it.

Have your heating bills gone up significantly?

This is another major warning of a heating system that’s on its way out. Regular maintenance will help a heater retain most of its original energy efficiency over its service life. In its last 1-2 years, it will see a decline in efficiency as wear and tear catch up to it. When repairs and maintenance don’t change the rise in energy bills, it’s best to have the heater replaced.

If you have any doubts about your heating system’s future, arrange an appointment with our expert technicians. We have a long history working with heating systems in the Twin Cities, and we can inspect your heater and give you the informed advice you need.

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