Common Signs That Your Furnace Is Going Bad

furnace installation service in Bloomington, MN

No matter what anyone may tell you, please, whatever you do, do not attempt to install a furnace yourself! We understand that it is a big pain in the butt for the furnace to go out during a harsh winter like we’re suffering from here in Bloomington, but you must avoid making the problems worse. There are several common signs we want to discuss that’ll help you decide whether you’ll need a new furnace, and why it’s always a good idea to have professionals like us do this furnace installation service in Bloomington, MN for you.

Obviously, Your Home Isn’t Heating As Well As It Used To

You turn the thermostat on and off. You turn it all the way up and then all the way down. However it’s only working a little bit like normal, or very inconsistently! It’s amazingly frustrating to come home after a long day to have to sit around waiting for the furnace to decide to heat up, and then scan your entire home to see which rooms are staying the warmest. This is one of the first signs that your furnace has started to break down either because it needs replacement or because of an overall lack of maintenance. However it could also be because it’s been working hard for several winters and just can’t take another one!

It Won’t Stop Making Strange Noises

Is it making the same noises as the demon from the Exorcist? Is it rattling, screeching, groaning, and whining no matter what setting it’s on? Then this is definitely a sign that some parts are really struggling to work correctly, and you should really consider choosing a furnace installation service in Bloomington, MN. Not only that though, your furnace is probably working hard through all of this to pump out what little heat it can get, and thus it’s increasing your utility costs! This is a bad sign because your air is most likely not at a very high quality anymore, and it could be making you feel stuffy and congested. At its worse, it could be producing carbon monoxide that makes you feel nauseous and gives you a headache. Not good!

furnace installation service in Bloomington, MN

The Worst One: It Won’t Start

Bad wiring, a broken pilot light, and/or a defective fan motor are just a few problems that could be causing your furnace not to start. Some problems are fairly simple and may not require a new furnace, but some issues are signs of deeper, bigger problems. It’s very hard to tell without having an HVAC service provider like those who work for our company, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning, come and inspect your furnace. We hope you’re not reading this in the middle of a blizzard, wrapped up in blankets, crowding around a space heater! No matter what situation you’re in, we’ll be happy to see if you need a furnace installation service in Bloomington, MN performed immediately. Please call 612-724-1899 to tell us what’s happened to your furnace, and we’ll see see if we should make a visit.