Don’t Ignore Your Air Ducts! They Carry The Air You Breathe

Residential Heating & Air Conditionind

Keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape is essential for a variety of reasons. Thermal comfort, healthy air quality, and low energy cost are some of the reasons homeowners maintain their AC’s regularly. Even in cooler places like Minnetonka, MN, summers are not so cool. Thus, homeowners depend upon their AC’s for a healthier lifestyle and comfort.

However, just regularly maintaining your air conditioner is not always enough. The cool, comfortable, and healthy air produced by your AC travels to different areas of your home through air ducts. Therefore having clean and unclogged ducts is equally important.

Clogged and dirty ducts negatively affect your health, and can increase your energy bills substantially. Over years of use, ducts collect dust, cobwebs, debris, pet and rodent hair, and calcium deposits. If left uncleaned, filtered and conditioned air passing through the ducts carry these to different areas of your home. Also, leaks in ductwork minimize the efficiency of your AC and increase your energy usage.

Here are some signs of clogged and dirty air ducts:

  • You and your family members are regularly getting sick, or are experiencing allergies. Common ailments include nasal congestion, headaches, sneezing and other respiratory problems.
  • Little or no air flow coming from the vents even when your AC is working in full capacity.
  • Lingering dust in the air
  • Dusting and cleaning required more than usual
  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • Abnormal odor in the air after turning on the AC

Air duct cleaning is a complicated process. It requires specialized tools and special training. Please call an air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka, MN if you think that your air ducts are dirty or clogged.

Owning and maintaining an air conditioning system isn’t cheap. So, don’t suffer from thermal discomfort and dirty air in your home if you already have a working AC. Cleaning and sealing ducts is a complicated process. But professionals do it quickly and inexpensively.

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In addition to HVAC installation and maintenance, we also specialize in air duct cleaning and installation. Call us today at 612-724-1899 for air duct cleaning, installation, or air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka, MN. Remember, summer is going to long and hot. Get your air ducts cleaned now!