Don’t Let Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Hurt Your Family

Residential Heating & Air Conditionind

“I just didn’t know”. Don’t think carbon monoxide poisoning can’t happen to you.

As a spouse and parent you do everything you can to meet your family’s needs. You bought a home to keep them safe and give them a good life. No matter how nice your neighborhood is or how much you clean your home, carbon dioxide can enter your home and cause harmful and even lethal effects.

Make sure that your home actually is the safe haven you need it to be with these helpful and important tips from Residential Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1991, our role in the community has been to provide affordable and reliable AC installation service in Bloomington, MN. Let us help you make sure your home is safe from “the silent killer”, carbon monoxide.

  1. Use carbon monoxide detectors around your home. Buy certified alarms only. Place detectors in the rooms where you sleep, in common areas, and in the garage. Connect them together following the directions on your installation paperwork so that if one goes off, they all are connected to alert you from anywhere in the home. Make sure to test and replace batteries each year so you know your detectors are all working.
  2. Our ovens and grills create mouth-watering foods that nourish, but they also create carbon monoxide in the air. In fact, any time you burn a fossil fuel, you are releasing carbon monoxide. Make sure to practice safe oven and grill habits by keeping your home well ventilated each time you use them. Always grill outdoors. When baking or cooking, use the fan on your kitchen stove and open a window.
  3. Your furnace keeps you cozy in the Minnesota winter and the cooler days of fall. We depend on them to stay warm. Every time you use your furnace, feel confident in your family’s safety by getting annual maintenance from Residential Heating & Air Conditioning. A heating specialist on our team will make sure your furnace is working properly so carbon monoxide can’t build in the home.
  4. Get all other fuel burning appliances around the home inspected. Chimneys, fireplaces, and the water heater all burn fossil fuels, too. So make sure they are checked annually.
  5. Keep an eye on your space heaters. If you’re adding extra warmth to a room with a space heater, just make sure to use it while awake. Keep ventilation in the room by having a door open while it’s in use and don’t try to use a gas oven as your heater.
  6. Your vehicle creates carbon monoxide, too. Make sure your car or truck isn’t bringing carbon monoxide from the garage into the house. Don’t leave the car running to warm up the engine with the garage door closed. Get your car’s exhaust checked at least once a year.

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning cares about the community. We know these tips will help you and your loved ones stay safe. If you need AC installation service in Bloomington, MN, be sure to call us today at 612-724-1899.