How to Find the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home?

air conditioner installation service in St. Louis Park MN

Are you intimidated by terms and acronyms like EER, BTU, and SEER? Or have you stared at the specifications of the air conditioners in a store like Loews or Home Depot, and comprehended it as well as you do Chinese? Don’t feel bad as buying a new air conditioning unit is not a normal everyday occurrence, and you may have not even tried to understand the differences between these units before. This is why so many customers like yourself have hired Residential Heating & Air Inc. to perform an air conditioner installation service in St. Louis Park, MN.

We can help you through every single step to ensure that you get a unit that’s going to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus we will help you save as much money as possible when you make this investment by performing these steps.

Learn What Type of AC Is Right for Your Home

Every home is going to need at least a minimum amount of power to deliver consistent airflow, and not use too much energy. This is mostly measured in “tons” which is the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove in one hour. Then there’s the energy efficiency ratio which is the measurement of how much energy needed to cool home. It would be simple to just go and buy the unit with the most tons and the highest EER, but many homes will not need a very powerful air conditioner to get the job done. Plus, some air conditioners will be too big and fit awkwardly in the space left by the old one.

air conditioner installation service in St. Louis Park, MN

Ask What You Want Your New AC to Do Better Than the Older One

Nearly every customer has a few of the same old reasons for wanting a new air conditioning unit. Maybe they’re unit is old and is costing them too much in repairs or potential repairs, and it’s cheaper to replace the unit. Or maybe your unit is malfunctioning and simply can’t keep the entire home warm or cool anymore like it used to. Then there’s the concern over how the amount of energy and refrigerant used could harm the environment. Finally there’s just a desire to save money in energy bills. A new air conditioner helps solve many of these problems quickly.

Find a Local HVAC Company to Assist You

It’s very important that you hire a qualified HVAC technician like the ones we employ here at our company to to your air conditioner installation service in St. Louis Park, MN. Even though we’ve just showed you all the steps necessary to choosing the right air conditioner, we can’t stress enough how much our help will save you in the long run. By letting us help you choose the right ac, let one of us navigate the best way to have it installed, and have us perform annual tuneups you’ll be sure to enjoy a comfortable home for a very long time. Please call us if you’re ready for our services at 612-724-1899.