How to Make the Most Out of Your New Unit This Summer

Residential Heating & Air Conditionind

You might have just gotten an air conditioning installation service in Minneapolis, MN to preempt the coming summer heat. You’re smart and did well to plan ahead. After such an important investment in your home and your comfort, it’s important to make sure that you get the most out of your new unit.

Here are five easy tips to ensure that your unit is running at maximum efficiency and will continue to do so for years to come

  • Close vents you don’t need

If you have a spare bedroom in your house that is just used for storage or your kids stay in it when they’re home from college, close the vent in it. You don’t need that room to stay as cool as the rest of your house. By closing that vent, you will redirect that cold air to where it’s needed most. This will save you money and allow your AC unit to relax a little.

Likewise, if your house has a basement, close the vents down there. Cold air will naturally sink. The basement is normally the coldest part of a house.

By closing the vents down low, you redirect the cold air to the top of your house and let it naturally sink floor by floor until your whole house is cooled, more efficiently and easily.

  • Move furniture away from vents

You did well to close the vents you don’t need. But you may have vents you do need covered up by furniture. If you do, you’re paying a lot of money to cool a couch and none of the cold air coming out of that vent is reaching the room you are paying to cool.

This causes your AC unit to work overtime. It will keep pumping out cold air until it gets that room cold, but most of it’s energy will be wasted.

So move that sofa to another part of the room, or if you just can’t move it, close the vent below it so you don’t waste all that money on cooling your couch down this summer.

  • Make sure your windows and doors seal well

If you just paid for an air conditioning installation service in Minneapolis, MN, you could be wasting all your money if your windows and doors leak heat. Old houses often have poor seals and leaky windows that let the cold out and the heat in.

Either doing a little bit of DIY maintenance or paying for a handyman to help make sure that everything is sealed up tight can greatly reduce your energy bills and keep your new AC unit from having to work too hard.

  • Adjust your thermostat

Can you live with a house that is two degrees warmer than what you’re used to? Try adjusting your thermostat up a couple degrees and see if you notice the difference at all.

Heck, you can always turn it down for those really hot summer days. But you would be surprised how much money two degrees can save you over the course of an entire year.

  • Schedule regular maintenance

This is a no brainer. If you paid for a new air conditioner, you want it to last for years and years. It’s a complex piece of machinery and requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is running efficiently and not falling into disrepair.

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