How To Make Your Home Healthier And Happier!

How To Make Your Home Healthier And Happier!

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We all dream of having a happy and healthy life. We can achieve this by adopting good habits and by being in healthy environments that not only encourage such behavior, but that also have a positive effect on our lives. This applies as much to friends, acquaintances, and family, as well as physical environments such as your workplace or your home. We at Residential Heating & Air Conditioning love our customers to feel as comfortable and as happy as possible wherever our products and services are. And your household should be the best example for it. Whether we come to visit for a repair or an AC installation service in Minneapolis, MN we want to make sure that you’re satisfied with our work, and that our work helps your home to be the perfect place you deserve. Which is why we’d like to share with you some very effective and yet affordable ways to have a happy and healthy home.

Dust in the wind

A silent enemy, especially for the kids; dust can come into your house without being even noticed. Dust can trigger allergies and in the worst cases, cause respiratory problems. It can easily build up in spaces that are hard to reach and clean. That’s why we advise doing a thorough house cleaning rather often. Now that the cold months are over, it’s possible that there are debris and dust in the air ducts as well as inside your Air Conditioner. Before turning it on again when summer arrives. Have it checked by professionals. That way, dust will have no place to hide and you won’t expose your kids to respiratory problems.

The Wall

When was the last time you checked the walls for problems? Whether humidity is making room for mold, or the old paint is starting to erode small lead particles. Your walls deserve just as much attention as anything else at home. Get some lead and radon tests to run yourself and you might be saving yourself and your family a lot of headaches in the future. Better safe than sorry!

Residential Heating and AC

Leave pesticides and toxic cleaning products

We can all agree there’s nothing more disgusting than having insects pay unexpected visits, but the use of pesticides is a health hazard you don’t really need when there are other natural alternatives to control this issue. Toxic cleaning products might seem like a good idea to do a thorough house cleaning, but the truth is, there will always be residuals going around that could end up in your system. Even air sprays, though they might make the house smell good, are doing far more wrong than good in your lungs.

Wash your hands

How many things are your hands in contact with in a day? We touch so many things in a day, that our hands are the best transport service we can offer for diseases and bacteria. When you come back home from work, grocery shopping or even the bank, clean your hands with hand sanitizer.

We at Residential Heating & Air Conditioning care for our customers. Your satisfaction and happiness are our priority. With over 25 years of experience, we guarantee the best quality and the best service; whether you need a repair or an AC installation service in Minneapolis, MN, your AC needs will always be taken care of. Give us a call today at 612-724-1899!