How To Safeguard Your Family From Bad Indoor Air Quality

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Keeping the indoor air free from dirt and pollutants is critical to your family’s health. An often forgotten, but reliable method of maintaining good indoor air quality is to routinely clean your air conditioning unit. This ensures operational efficiency and adequate cooling in your home. A certified air conditioner maintenance service Minneapolis MN can help you with the thorough cleanup of your air conditioning system.

Clean Your AC Unit Regularly

If the AC unit is not properly maintained, the air in your home will be gradually contaminated by pollutants. This results in respiratory problems and other discomforts for everyone in the family.

To ensure that the indoor air is not harmful to your health, you should clean and maintain every single component of the AC unit at least once a month. Hire a reputable air conditioner maintenance service Minneapolis MN to inspect and clean the system regularly.

The air filters of the AC are easily clogged with dirt and dust particles. When air passes through the unit, it carries these particles along, which considerably decreases the air quality in your home.

Prevent your family from getting sick with respiratory infections by routinely removing dirt accumulated inside the filters. The air will then flow freely, which is also good for the proper functioning of the AC, while you can maintain a healthier indoor air quality.

The next component to watch out for is the evaporator coil. If it is dirty, the unit will start consuming more energy to give out the same amount of cooling as before. In the long run, the cooling capacity will drop.

Condenser units, positioned outside homes, are prone to heavy debris contamination. Condensers remove heat from inside the home to discharge it outside. As dirt accumulates inside the condenser, hot air is not discharged as usual. As a result, the air in your home is not cooled properly.

Dirt and debris caught up in the rear drain need to be washed out frequently to allow free flow of water from the unit to the outside. Otherwise, water remains in the system, leading to an increase in humidity levels. This causes mold growth in rooms and other closed spaces.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Avoid using cleaners that contain chemicals, whether it is used to clean the AC unit or your home. The chemicals remain in the room and can cause respiratory problems when taken in over a period of time.

If there are kids, then you should take special effort to minimize the use of chemical cleaners since respiratory systems of infants are more fragile than grownups. There are many natural cleaners available in the market that can easily do the job of chemical cleaners.

When you need a complete air conditioner maintenance service Minneapolis MN to remove all the dirt, debris, and pollutants that have accumulated in your AC system, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning can help get the job done, efficiently and affordably.

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