How to Save Money on Heating and AC Energy Costs

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Running your heating and air conditioning system can consume more or less half of your monthly energy bills. That is a massive chunk of the budget. If you want to save money on your heat and AC energy costs, you can do so by following the simple tips below:

Keep heat out to lower AC bills

If it’s the start of the summer season, keep your curtains and blinds closed and try using window treatments if your windows are too big. Do these to block the sun’s rays and keep the heat out. If you keep your home cool, your AC unit won’t have to do all the hard work.

Use nature’s free energy to heat your home

If it’s the peak of the winter season, open your blinds and pull your curtains back to let the sun’s warmth in. This is a natural way of heating your home and doesn’t have to make your furnace get too exhausted.

Don’t touch the thermostat

Changing the thermostat settings frequently is a big waste of energy. It’s best to hire a heating and air conditioning service Minneapolis to install a programmable thermostat that automatically does the temperature adjustment at a preset schedule. Using this properly can save you bucks.

Ensure that your house is airtight to lower HVAC bills

Seal the air leaks at the drafty floors, windows, fireplaces, etc. Add extra insulation to reduce heating and cooling energy costs.

Keep cooling and heat energy where it belongs

Your attic and crawl space could be keeping the air leaks. Check your ductwork and maximize your heating and cooling energy only for the practical places that should be covered.

Don’t let the precious energy escape

If you are into running your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans too often, your heating and cooling system will have to work harder. Try to keep the precious energy conserved.

heating and air conditioning service Minneapolis

Keep your HVAC system clean

Even a small amount of dirt can cause a big problem. To ensure a clean HVAC system, change your filters monthly. Also, the external surrounding of the unit must be free of any debris, clutter, etc.

Retire old HVAC equipment

If your HVAC system is 10 years old and above, it might be time to hire a heating and air conditioning service Minneapolis and arrange an HVAC replacement. Upon preparing for it, choose the replacement that is more energy-efficient. Products nowadays are better than ever. Most are already designed to save energy consumption. Also, it’s best to choose an eco-friendly unit.

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