Say Hello to a Fresher, Cleaner Home With These Tips From Residential Heating & Air Conditioning

Residential Heating & Air Conditionind

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Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately noticed an off-putting smell? Don’t unwittingly let your friends and family have the same experience walking in your home. Whether you already suspect your home may have a smell or just want to prevent it, this article will help you feel confident having company over.

Breathe freely again

One of the first considerations to make as a homeowner comes down to your HVAC system. Did you know air filters don’t actually take care of odors? They reduce the amount of dirt and contaminants that get into your furnace or air conditioning unit but they don’t remove smells. If you want to improve air quality, you need to invest in gas phase filters that actually absorb odors like cigarette smoke from the air. Also remember getting AC installation service in Minnetonka, MN from Residential Heating & Air Conditioning can help improve the air quality and comfort in your home.

Handle cooking smells

You love cooking salmon and halibut for the health benefits of omega-3s in fish oil. The downside is that the odor from cooking fish lingers for days. The best approach to removing fishy odors from your home starts with after-care. Following your fish fry or broiling, boil a pot of water with lemon rind to take care of the smell. During cooking, you can also help reduce the smell by using the intake vent above your stove if you have one. Wipe down the stove area and clean the filters on your stove vents or replace them at least once a year.

Pets are a part of the family

Your cat or dog may be like one of the family, but don’t accept their smells as a part of life. This is one of the biggest areas people overlook when it comes to smells in the house. You get used to it and stop noticing it. Vacuum at least once a week. Get a Roomba or robotic vacuum with a scheduling function to pick up hair and dander every day between hand vacuuming. Run it to go while you’re away at work.

Fresh air

Don’t let your house get stuffy just to keep in the air conditioning or heat inside. Letting in fresh air periodically keeps your home smelling clean.

Perfumes are a counterintuitive fix

It might be tempting to spray air fresheners around the house. They don’t really cover odors. Instead, they fill your home with chemicals that can set off allergies for your guests. If you want to add some fresh scents to your home, try essential oils for a chemical free approach.
Try out these tips to get your home fresher than ever. If you need AC installation service in Minnetonka, MN, remember we have the experience and expertise to help. Call Residential Heating & Air Conditioning to set up an estimate now at 612-724-1899.