Three Common Misconceptions About Ductless AC

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Lots of people have heard bad things about ductless AC units. For decades a lot of those things may have been true. Technology always progresses slowly at first and then makes major leaps in what seems like no time. Ductless AC is no different.

You might not realize it, but ducted AC units are actually more complicated, expensive and inefficient than many ductless AC systems these days. Not to mention that yards of ducting collect dust and other unhealthy debris unless they are cleaned regularly.

Gone are the days of the old window unit ACs. They were loud and unattractive. They really gave ductless AC a bad name.

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And we know, ductless AC has got a bad rep. So we wanted to clear up three of the major misconceptions you may have about ductless AC.

They’re loud

Correction, the old ones were loud. And they really were. But when we talk about ductless AC today, we are referring to a whole new type of technology. Ductless AC systems of today are sleek, sightly and darn near silent.
In fact, we’d bet that your cat makes more noise than a ductless AC unit does these days. And, if you keep yours well maintained with regular ductless AC repair service in Minneapolis, MN, it will stay that way.

They’re inefficient

Once again, this belief is out of date. It’s likely that your grandma’s window AC unit was, but modern ductless AC units are just as efficient as any other, and sometimes more.
Not only are they efficient to operate, but they are also far more simple to install and maintain which saves you money on labor and parts. No ducting to deal with and far fewer components. That means a cheaper price tag for installation and maintenance.

They don’t work as well

Now that’s just not true. Ductless AC has always done it’s job. Unless your unit is old or poorly maintained, it will cool your house just as quickly and efficiently as a ducted system. Some ductless AC units are even faster.
These days, there are even ductless AC units that can heat your house as well as cool it. All very efficiently and all in the same unit. That means less parts to replace and repair, less chance of breakdown in the first place, and less money and time to install. All in all, it’s a great deal.

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