Top Three AC Repair & Services Contractor Mistakes You Should Know

Residential Heating & Air Conditionind

You cannot ignore that little voice inside your head that is warning you. You secretly know when your AC needs repair or maintenance. However, you just can’t bring yourself to make the call to an air conditioner repair and service Minnetonka MN contractor!

As hard as we try to ignore those clogged drains, weird smells, disobedient thermostats and other break-down signs, sometimes we don’t make the call. Well, to a great extent this is because some of us think we can fix it on our own (do not try this at home!) or that it will magically be solved by itself!

To many, previous negative experiences with contractors is the main problem. Air conditioner repair and service Minnetonka MN, tips can give you insight on how to check the expertise of your contracting service company:

  • Installation of oversized AC systems. Surprised? It is the least identified problem found in energy audits and so common that it is estimated that almost 90% of contractors cannot properly calculate the size of the cooling system you need for your house or business. The remaining 10% can, however, they prefer to make an easy profit by installing larger units. As a result, that increases your energy bills due to increased unnecessary energy consumption and reduces the efficiency and lifespan of your system.
  • Following the wrong size of the installed AC system, is the wrong installation of the duct system. In most cases, it is simply the wrong size of the duct itself and the greater is the output of air the greater the energy loss. Moreover, poor installation also leads to leaks from ducts and that is another issue your repair contractors should take care of.
  • Open return air cavities. When there are no measures taken as to the output of air, the same air returns through your AC back indoors, carrying all dust, fungus, pollen and everything else you do not want to breathe. Careful inspection of the rooms is necessary to ensure these problems will not affect the function of your AC system.

Mistakes Can Be Avoided

Air conditioner repair and service Minnetonka MN energy audit will fully examine every single room and accurately calculate the energy needed for it to stay comfortable. Factors taken into consideration include windows, attic, floor, walls, volume, and leakage.

Then cooling loads are calculated and no, it is not in square feet as we often hear. Contractors should make sure that the proper insulation of the room and also duct system, will allow for your AC to work more effectively at the energy levels your house requires. This should be done so as to maximize the performance of your system.

To meet all of the above and never fear the repair service again, call today Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Minnetonka, MN at 612 724 1899 and make your appointment for an extensive energy audit, to discover your true needs.