Update Your Historic Minnesota Home By Getting Rid of That Gravity Furnace for Good

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June 16, 2017
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Update Your Historic Minnesota Home By Getting Rid of That Gravity Furnace for Good

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If you have one of the stately older Minneapolis homes built in the 1800s or 1900s, you may have a relic from the past inefficiently wasting your money as you try to heat your home. Keep the beautiful original brass door handles and carved baseboards but get rid of the wasteful gravity furnace in your basement.

Preserve the parts of your home that matter with the right removal team

Don’t throw dollars away every winter when you can get gravity furnace removal in Minneapolis, MN from Residential Heating & Air Conditioning. Our decades of experience mean you’re in good hands when you need work done in your home.

Do you have a gravity furnace?

You can easily spot a gravity furnace by its distinct round look and number of large protruding pipes coming out. It’s also called an octopus furnace because of this unusual look. Originally, these furnaces were built to burn coal but many were converted to use natural gas, oil, and wood. Though your gravity furnace can still run, it’s not efficient by any stretch of the imagination.

An inefficient and outdated relic

Gravity furnaces are rare to find these days because most homeowners opted to replace them. They work by heating up fuel inside the circular chamber, relying on gravity to cause the heat to rise through each of the connected pipes to rooms in the home. While a modern heater can have up to 95% efficiency, some 50% of the heat is lost with a gravity furnace.

Poor placement for vents

Can you imagine only trying to heat the middle of your house? People didn’t know much about placing vents around the home when these furnaces were installed. That’s exactly what they did. Most heating ducts are installed towards the center of the home. These furnaces made for uneven heating and major losses in the heat from the fuel source to the vents.

Modern heaters and furnaces offer greater efficiency and more even heating

Today, we install ductwork along the outer walls of the house to let warmer air waft across walls into the room. This outside placement also protects your pipes from freezing.

Don’t get caught in a dangerous situation

The white paper wrapping each of the pipes connected to a gravity furnace is almost certainly asbestos. Don’t try to remove it yourself. The fibers in the material contain known carcinogens and are toxic. Your best bet is to get an expert company with experience in asbestos removal when you have need gravity furnace removal in Minneapolis, MN.

Removing the furnace won’t be enough

Plan on redoing ductwork around the home in addition to getting your gravity furnace removed. You already know ductwork placement will be off, but it’s also likely oversized. We’ll help you install ductwork in the right places to keep your home comfortable in addition to connecting return vents to the right locations.

Trust a professional contractor with over thirty years of experience with gravity furnace removal in Minneapolis, MN. Call us at Residential Heating & Air Conditioning now to get started at 612-724-1899.