What to Do If Your Furnace Is Not Working?

furnace replacement Minneapolis MN 

It’s so strange how little we think of our furnaces, until we really need them and they just don’t work how they should. With the holiday season approaching, bringing with it the icy cold winds and weather, be sure to place a tick next to that part of your to-do list that reminds you to have your furnace maintained.

Yes, we know how carried away you can get during the holidays and how busy your schedule suddenly becomes, it happens to all of us. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to stay warm and fuzzy. There are so many new, advanced, energy efficient furnaces on the market today, it is hard to decide which is best for you, without the help of a professional. Our furnace replacement Minneapolis MN are the talk of the town.


Residential Heating and Air Conditioning is the name you can trust. Wonderful people of Minnesota, you know what to do if your furnace is not working. Call us, Residential Heating and Air Conditioning and allow us to light that spark in your life once again as we have for so many others since 1991.

You can always have faith in our NATE certified technicians and trust them to carry out flawless, clean, and efficient repairs to your furnace. It really makes no difference to us what make or model you have installed, we can fix them all and with the same success and efficiency.

Our repair and service warranty is something that is valued by the Minnesota community and our pride in our work shines through. We are confident that our work will be lasting and effective. We know how important efficiency is in a furnace. Nobody wants to receive the unwanted gift of an astronomical utility bill just after the holidays.

What we offer can be considered to the turkey with all the trimmings. Added benefits sweeten the deal for all our customers who choose to take advantage of our services. Emergencies and finance options are only a few of the bells and whistles you can get your share of.

furnace replacement Minneapolis MN


What you must realize is how intricate your furnace is. It is a mechanical piece of equipment, and yes, mechanical items do break down. They are filled with moving parts that are prone to wear and tear, and they need to be checked, maintained, repaired and sometimes even replaced, in order to keep your system running efficiently.

If you turn your furnace on and wait eagerly for that hot burst of air or trickle of steamy water but nothing is forthcoming, it is time to call us, Residential Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our consultants will easily pinpoint your fault, offer you a written quotation and repair the furnace at your request. Yes, what we quote you is what it will cost you. No hidden fees or charges.

We offer a range of services relating to heating and cooling, which include, installations that are flawless, maintenance that is efficient and effective, repairs that are affordable and lasting, and replacements of air conditioning systems, and heating systems including furnace replacements Minneapolis MN. We use only superior parts and material during our repairs. When we do a repair, it is done to last. Money spent with us is well worth it and you definitely won’t need the same repair again in the near future.

Whatever we do, we save our customers time and money, you are at the forefront of every decision we make, you are the reason we are in the game. Your satisfaction is what drives us to be the best of the best.

Our furnace replacements Minneapolis MN are undertaken with great care for your home, property, and possessions. We ensure safety of all throughout the process. We are efficient at what we do, and will not leave you with a furnace you are not 100% satisfied with. Call us today at Residential Heating and Cooling 612-724-1899. Take advantage of our holiday promotions and special offers. Our little gift to you, our loyal customers. Let us keep your holidays festive, friendly and frostbite free.