Why Convert Boiler to Furnace in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Why Convert Boiler to Furnace in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Why Convert Boiler to Furnace in Minneapolis St. & Paul, MNWhy Convert Boiler to Furnace:

If you’re one of the thousands of Twin Cities residents who enjoy living in a charming old home in one of the area’s beautiful neighborhoods, you already know about one of the drawbacks of older homes. Most of these beautiful homes are heated with a steam or hot water system powered by a boiler in the basement. Bulky radiators, uneven heat, costly maintenance and poor air conditioning are just some of the issues. Add to those the high energy bills from inefficient heating technology, and your enjoyment is tempered by issues every winter and even in the summer. Did you know that there’s a great solution available that eliminates all of the problems?

Since 1991, our A+-rated, Minnesota locally owned heating and air conditioning company has replaced many of those obsolete boiler systems with modern, high-efficiency forced-air furnaces and central air conditioners. Our satisfied customers now enjoy money-saving home comfort with none of the drawbacks they experienced before. Their homes have increased in value and their energy costs have dropped up to 50%. These conversions take some time, require creative duct system designs, and come at a considerable cost, but it’s all worth it. Here are some of the reasons to consider such an upgrade this year:

  • Superior Comfort for Minnesota Homes – In both single story and multi-story older homes, relying on boiler and radiator heat often means uneven heating throughout the house. Constantly adjusting radiators is difficult and relying on steam or hot water heating means coping with cold and hot areas even in individual rooms. In the summer, you probably use window air conditioners in just some rooms to cope with hot weather. They’re noisy and inefficient, and disrupt the exterior beauty of your home. Replacing your old system with a modern central heating and air conditioning system from Carrier, Lennox, Goodman or Payne solves all of those problems. You get quiet, even heating and cooling that’s reliable and easy to control throughout your home. Just set the thermostat and have the comfort you need.
  • Lower Energy Bills – Steam and hot-water boilers and radiator systems are inherently inefficient. Most systems in existing old homes have efficiency ratings less than 50%. That means that half of every dollar you spend on oil or natural gas goes up the flue and does nothing to heat your home. Window AC units, too, have extremely low efficiency ratings. When you replace your outdated system with a high-efficiency gas furnace and central AC unit manufactured by Carrier, Lennox, Goodman or Payne, you’ll see your energy bills cut as much as 50%. Those savings put more money in your pocket and helps recover the cost of switching. Better heating and cooling at lower cost is a strong reason to plan a conversion. The sooner you make the upgrade, the sooner the savings begin.
  • Central Air Conditioning – Living in a classic older home in the Twin Cities is an attractive life style, but the summer months are often uncomfortable. Hanging a noisy window air conditioner only cools one room, and installing multiple units is inconvenient and costly. If you have a two-story home, rising heat often leads to uncomfortable sleeping conditions in upstairs rooms. Why put up with being uncomfortable? When you switch to a modern forced-air HVAC system, you can have efficient, almost silent cooling in every room in your home at a modest additional cost. A quiet outdoor compressor and condenser unit powers your AC and you can get rid of those ugly window units that break up the beauty of your charming home. You’ll save money at the same time.
  • More Interior Space in Your Home – Look around the rooms in your home. If you have radiators, they dictate how you can arrange furniture and are usually less than beautiful. Window air conditioners, too, restrict where you put furniture and add an unattractive element to your interior. Worse, older homes often have smaller rooms than are popular today. Once you convert to central heating and AC, those limitations are gone forever. When you think about how you could change your interior designs and re-arrange your rooms, the benefits are obvious. You’ll get more space and enjoy far more attractive interior spaces. That alone is a large enough benefit for many families to decide on a boiler conversion project.
  • Higher Value of Your Home – In today’s real estate market, older homes with boiler and radiator heat, along with window AC units for cooling have lower value than homes that have been converted to central, forced-air heating and cooling. As every Realtor will tell you, buyers are hesitant to bid on unconverted homes. Even if they do, they make offers that are thousands of dollars lower. Your investment in installing a modern forced-air system is usually more than covered by the increased value and salability of your home. Even if you’re not planning to sell now, why not enjoy the increased comfort and higher value today? Most Twin Cities homeowners will put their home on the market at some point, so there’s no good reason to delay on a cost-effective boiler conversion project.

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Most heating and air conditioning contractors in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area aren’t interested in bidding on these boiler conversion projects. In contrast, we make a specialty of helping our customers upgrade their HVAC systems at very reasonable pricing.

Our efficiency and creativity, along with our experienced installation technical team, helps you convert your home to modern central heating and AC quickly, correctly, and at a price that lets, you enjoy all of the benefits affordably. We encourage you to contact us today for a no-obligation, free consultation. We’ll do a complete evaluation, provide objective information and answer all of your questions. We’ll give you a highly competitive price quote on a range of equipment and design plans, and let you make your best decision with absolutely no pressure. | Why Convert Boiler to Furnace in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN |