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Don’t Let These Winter Air Quality Issues Spook You!

Monday, October 31st, 2022

It is not wintertime quite yet–in fact, temperatures have only just begun to chill out. But soon enough you’ll need to start running your heater on a regular basis. Hopefully, you have already scheduled HVAC maintenance for your furnace or heat pump to make sure it is ready to work on a daily and hourly basis. This will certainly help your indoor air quality, but it won’t resolve poor indoor air quality all on its own.

You see, indoor air quality (IAQ) is about so much more than how cool or warm your home is. It’s also about humidity, and how clean the air is within your living space. Modern construction means our homes are sealed up nicely against the elements. This is great news for HVAC efficiency and your lowered utility bills, but it’s not such great news for your overall IAQ. Read on to learn more about these two common winter indoor air quality problems, and how to fix them so they don’t have to spook you!

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“How Do I Prepare My Furnace for Winter?”

Monday, October 24th, 2022

Winter may still seem like it’s a ways off, but with temperatures already dropping this fall, it’s clear that the best time to prepare for the chillier season is now.

If you have a furnace to keep you warm, then you already are one step ahead of the game. Furnaces are powerful, efficient, and most importantly, when well taken care of, safe.

When we talk about a “well taken care of” furnace, we’re talking about one that is regularly maintained and tuned up by a trained and experienced technician, like one of the members of our team. Sure, there are some basic maintenance tasks you can do on your own (which we’ll cover below), but if you want your furnace to be in the best possible shape, then you should call on our team for professional maintenance! This service is truly the best way to prepare your furnace for winter.

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“How Do I Know If I Need to Repair or Replace My Boiler?”

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Are you one of many homeowners throughout Minneapolis who uses a boiler for your home heating needs? If so, you’re in great shape! Boilers are sturdy systems that keep homes efficiently and effectively warm. However, just like any other heating system, your boiler won’t last forever. But we don’t want you to replace your boiler before you really need to!

If you’re caring for your boiler properly by scheduling professional maintenance once a year, then your boiler should last at least a couple of decades. When you have a boiler problem though, do you know how to tell the difference between when it needs a repair, or replacement? Our professionals can help you make an educated decision about this, and in the meantime you can read on to get our initial thoughts on this subject.

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How Does a Ductless System Work?

Monday, October 10th, 2022

If you haven’t looked into using a ductless system before, and you’re considering replacing your air conditioner and/or heating system, then now can be the perfect time to consider the installation of a ductless system. Ductless systems are great options for multi-story homes, houses with a lot of rooms, or houses that are being added on to. We’ll get into that more below.

In the meantime, how does a ductless system actually work? This is a common question we receive. Also referred to as ductless mini-splits, these systems don’t use ductwork (as their name implies). But they are forced-air heating and cooling systems. So how is all of this possible?

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“What Type of Furnace Is Right For Me?”

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

When it comes time to install a new furnace in your home, you might be overwhelmed by the options. Not only are there different manufacturers and brands to choose from, you’ll also want to choose whether you want a gas or electric furnace and whether you want a “single stage” furnace or a “2 stage” furnace.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of a “2 stage furnace”? That’s okay! That’s what we’re here for. We are reading to help you from start to finish with your furnace installation, and we can follow it up with reliable repairs and exceptional annual furnace maintenance to ensure that your heating system stays in great shape for the years to come. Read on to learn about these different furnace types.

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