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It’s Never Too Late for AC Repair

black-and-white-photo-of-neon-repair-center-signNow that we’ve entered fall, it’s likely that air conditioning repairs are the last possible thing on your mind. You’re leaving the hot and balmy heat of Minnesota summers in the past and enjoying cooler temperatures and brisk evenings. But don’t let this dip in temperatures cause you to neglect your air conditioning system. If you noticed inconsistencies or minor issues with your air conditioning this summer don’t hold off until spring to get them fixed. If you need impeccable air conditioning repairs in Minneapolis, we’re the HVAC company for you.

Signs that You Need AC Repairs

Warm Air

If you noticed that your home never quite reached a comfortable temperature during the summer, it’s a sign of inefficiency. Warm air blowing from your air conditioner most often indicates that you may have a broken compressor or low refrigerant levels. Both issues are rectifiable but require the care of a service professional to ensure that they don’t reoccur.

Low Airflow

If your home’s air isn’t as cool as you want it, problems with your airflow can also contribute to this issue. If you don’t receive routine maintenance to your HVAC system, it’s unlikely that your vents are getting the consistent cleaning they need. Your air ducts collect dust and debris over time which obstructs your airflow. This is an easy fix for an HVAC professional but if you want to prevent this occurrence from happening, schedule routine maintenance.  At Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, we have a maintenance program that addresses this issue in particular.

High Humidity

We know humidity well here in Minneapolis. Your air conditioner should curtail humidity levels in your home. If your home constantly feels like a sauna or you’re noticing water pooling around windows and doors you should call for repairs. Your air conditioning isn’t working properly, and you need the trained eye of a professional to determine which aspect of your unit is malfunctioning.

A Spike in Utility Costs

Take a look at your energy bill from this summer and your energy bills from previous summers and note any inexplicable rises in cost. If your bill has increased but the way your air conditioning habits have stayed the same, it’s due to a fault somewhere within your air conditioning unit. Inefficiency is the culprit, but to determine what’s causing this problem it’s important to have a professional assess your system.

A Noisy System

Your air conditioner should run almost silently, the only discernible sound should be a slight whooshing noise from the air rushing through your vents. If you’re hearing anything else, it’s a sign you need repairs. The common problem sounds that homeowners hear from their air conditioning are rattling, grating, or clanging.  These sounds often indicate a loose part, failing part, or issue with a compressor. Scheduling repairs with a technician can prevent these problems from becoming serious issues with your system.

Call Us for Air Conditioning Repair in Minneapolis

At Residential Heating and Air, we’ve served the Twin Cities Metro Areas since 1991. We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and quality work. We respect our customers and value your time, so we won’t give you anything less than the best service.

If you need air conditioning repairs this fall, contact us to schedule a service.

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