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Furnace or a Boiler? What’s Right for You?

Service technician with a customer. Plumbers, electricians, cable repair, etc.Here in Minneapolis, your heating system is of the utmost importance. You need a reliable heating system because our winter conditions are so cold. But should you install a furnace or a boiler in your home? Both heating systems have their benefits the deciding factor should be your needs and preferences in your home. If you’re thinking of installing a boiler or a furnace in your home, then contact our team. We understand what it takes to keep your Minnesota home warm all winter.

The Benefits of a Furnace

Your furnace works by heating air and using a blower to distribute this heated air through your air duct system and into your living space.

  • High Efficiency: A furnace is the most common heating system across the country. This is because a furnace system is incredibly efficient. Gas furnaces have a high AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating. This high rating means that this system has a high amount of heat relative to the amount of fuel consumed by the system. While furnaces are energy efficient, they have a lifespan of around 15 years which is much less than a boiler system.
  • Less Expensive: Furnace systems are more common than boilers so they’re much less expensive to install upfront. Because of this they’re about half the price. Furnaces are typically a lot easier to install than boilers too because they’re more common. It also takes much less time to install a furnace as opposed to a boiler which takes days.
  • No Leaks: You don’t run the risk of a leak with a furnace system. When boilers leak, they leak water that causes considerable damage to your home.

The Benefits of a Boiler

A boiler heaters water to provide hot water or steam for heating. This heat it then distributed through a series of pipes. Air circulates around the system and heats up.

  • Energy Efficient: Boilers are incredibly energy efficient. They typically use less fuel to heat your home and save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Reliable: Many homeowners opt for boilers because they provide such consistent heat for the home. The temperature consistency is typically much better than that of a furnace.
  • Quiet Operation: Boilers offer the benefit of silence. Because there’s no heat blowing around to warm your home, the system is much quieter.
  • Low Maintenance: a forced air system means that there are no filters to change or clean. While boilers still need some maintenance, it’s much less frequent than that of a furnace.

How to Choose

We know that it’s difficult to choose between a boiler and a furnace. You want a reliable heating system for your cold weather here. If you really want to ensure that you’re warm all winter, then enlist the aid of a professional. Our team here at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning will come to visit your home, assess your space for potential factors that affect your heating, and then give you our opinion on the best system to fit your needs.

If you’d like to install a boiler or a furnace in your home, contact Residential Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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