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Have You Maintained Your Heater This Season?

time-for-serviceIs it a little late in the game to maintain your heater? Sure. Is it ever too late to maintain your heater? Absolutely not.

You might think to yourself, “But… it’s spring!” Well, although the calendar says spring and temperatures are heating up a little they’re far from warm. If you’re a long time Minnesota resident, you also know that the next few weeks will have weather that’s all over the place—climbing up to the 60s and then nose diving back down into the 30s. It’s not quite time to store away those winter clothes so that means there’s still time to do right by your heater. If you’re looking for great heating maintenance in Minneapolis, MN then make sure that you contact our team. Our heating services are nothing short of excellent.

What Heating Maintenance Does for Your Home

A lot of homeowners shrug off heating because they don’t realize the benefits it has for their home. They think this service is unnecessary because, after all, why schedule services with a professional when nothing seems to be wrong with your heater? Well, simply stated, everything is not what it seems. You need a professional to take a deep dive into your heating system to really determine the quality. Maintenance helps you:

  • Ensure your home comfort throughout winter
  • Extend your heating system’s lifespan
  • Avoid expensive repair costs and potential systems breakdowns
  • Have the most energy-efficient heating possible
  • Ensure that your home is safe from carbon monoxide fumes (for natural gas burning furnaces)

Furnace maintenance isn’t one of those extra “cherry on top” services. It’s something that’s incredibly essential to your health, comfort, and cost-efficacy. If you want to rest assured that your heater is primed and ready for next winter make sure that you should a maintenance appointment with our team now.

Join Our Maintenance Program

We provided quality heating maintenance to the Twin Cities since 1991. Our maintenance plan includes two annual visits—one to prep your air conditioner for summer and another to prep your heater for winter. If you’re one of those people who forgets to schedule maintenance services simply because there’s a lot on your plate, we’ll make sure to call you to remind you to schedule! Our maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning of the burners
  • Cleaning of the sensors and replacement as needs
  • Cleaning of the condensate line
  • A check of the safety switches
  • A check of the air filter
  • A check of the humidifier
  • Cleaning of the blower motor
  • A check of the heat exchanger for damage
  • Cleaning of the condenser
  • Cleaning of the oil and condensate fan
  • A check of your refrigerant pressure

You can contact a member of our team any time throughout the year and you’ll know that you’re getting quality maintenance services.

Winter is ending but it’s really never too late to maintain your heater. Make sure that you choose Residential Heating and Air Conditioning when you need a team  to provide you with prompt maintenance services. You can contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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