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What Constitutes a Heating Repair?

All it takes to realize how important your heater is to your home is to stand outside for a few minutes. Even if you are used to the climate that comes with a Minnesota winter, you’ll want to have the ability to warm up after you are exposed to freezing temperatures. If you suddenly discover that your heater isn’t working the way it should, it makes sense that you’ll want the fastest solution possible.

Here are some of the situations when a call for heating service in Minneapolis, MN is well-warranted. With our help, you can rest assured that your heater will be back in working order in the shortest amount of time possible.

Identifying if your heater needs repairs

In pretty much every case, you want to address repair needs before they cause a complete system breakdown. While we are approaching spring, this doesn’t mean that you should leave repair needs unaddressed. Make sure to watch for these warning signs and schedule a heating repair if you notice your heater is struggling.

  1. Concerning noises. While your heater isn’t going to operate silently, it shouldn’t make a large amount of noise either. Loud, concerning sounds can include rattling, booming, screeching, hissing, or buzzing. If you notice noises like these show up while you are running your heater, then it is best to schedule repairs.
  2. Airflow issues. Problems with the airflow into or out of your heater are worth a call to a technician. If a filter change doesn’t help, then you may be dealing with broken fan blades, a bad blower motor issue, or duct leaks that are hindering the airflow through the system and into your home.
  3. Leaks. A leak in any heater can prove problematic. They just show up differently depending on the type of heater you have. A ductless system may develop a leak in its refrigerant line, allowing refrigerant to escape the system. A furnace that uses gas may develop a crack in the heat exchanger, allowing carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into your home. A boiler can develop a leak in the tank or pipes allowing water to leak out of the system. Leaks in any kind of heating system are always a reason to get a technician to assess and repair things.
  4. Short cycling. This refers to when your heater has interrupted or shortened heating cycles. There are many possible causes for short cycling, such as dirty burners or a thermostat issue. If your heater short cycles, make sure to contact a technician ASAP so they can find and address the core problem.

The need for heater repairs isn’t always easy to identify. Knowing these warning signs can make it a bit easier. If you are unsure, it is always better to talk to a technician and get a tune-up. If we notice any repair needs during that tune-up, we will work with you to get them fixed.

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