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What Goes Into a Heating System Replacement?

Starting the new year is when many people try to start fresh. Maybe that means better dietary habits or getting some extra reading time in. We’d like to propose that it is also a great time to look at upgrading your home comfort.

If you have a heating system that is starting to struggle, then repairing it may not be the best course of action this time. We all know that replacing a heater isn’t a small job, so you don’t want to rush into it, especially if you can still get a few more years out of your current system.

We want to help you start the year right. Here are some of the indicators that a heating system replacement in Minneapolis, MN is your best option for future comfort.

Steps to Figuring Out If You Need a New Heater

The best way to determine if you need a heater replacement is to talk to a professional on our team. We understand that you may want to know what your specialist will be looking for. Here’s what you might expect when your HVAC technician assesses your heater:

  1. Checking the system’s age: The age of your system can tell us a lot. While old age isn’t always a black-and-white indicator that it needs to be replaced, it can be a great warning sign to check on. This is because the average lifespan of most systems is between 10 to 15 years. While your system may not stop working at 15 years, it will start to deteriorate even with regular upkeep.
  2. Checking the system’s condition: The technician who is checking your heater will assess it visually too. Aside from checking on the manufacture date, they will also check on electrical connections, the condition of any burners, the condition of the fans, and more. This will allow us to get a full idea of how well your heater is holding up.
  3. Checking repair frequency and cost: Another way to determine how well your heater is holding up is to look at how often you’ve needed repairs and how much those repairs cost. This is something you and your technician can discuss together since they’ll need to talk to you about how often you’ve had to schedule repairs along with their cost.
  4. Checking with you: Ultimately, you decide what happens next. Our technicians will assess the situation and then discuss the best option for your comfort needs with you. Then you get to make the final decision on whether to upgrade or not. You also get to decide on your next system.

If you and your technician decide that it is time to say goodbye to your old heater, then the next steps will include figuring out the right size of system for your home, the fuel source you want to use, and the type of system you want. From there it will simply be a matter of choosing the date and leaving the rest to us!

Get the answers and the services you need today. Contact Residential Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your heater services.

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