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How Your Ducts Can Steal Your Money This Winter


A home has to do a lot of work during a Minnesota winter to keep the family inside it warm and comfortable. It has to trap as much heat as it can with insulation, preventing heat from escaping through any gaps around doors and windows, and produce enough heat from its HVAC system to replace the heat that gets gradually lost to the outside. If the house isn’t doing its job, it will not only mean discomfort, it will result in much higher heating costs.

But you may not know that there are other costly “heat thieves” in your home aside from bad insulation, air leaks, and a faulty heater. The ductwork that runs through the walls, ceilings, and attic of your house can drive up your energy bills without you realizing what’s happening. Damaged ducts leaking air from holes and gapping are a huge source of residential energy waste each year—and we’d like to help you notice it and stop this “theft.” We have the ductwork services in Plymouth, MN to do the job!

The Leaky Air Duct Problem

Because you can’t see most of the ductwork in your home, it’s hard to get a sense of its condition. Ducts are indestructible: many are made of plastic and duct board that can easily sustain damage creating holes. Ducts may sag and start to create gaps between sections. Corrosion can affect metal ducts, and insects and vermin can also cause damage. 

It may not seem like a couple of air leaks are too bad. But any loss of the airtightness of the ductwork affects the HVAC system’s overall performance. As heated air starts to escape, the pressure in the ducts drops, and this will force the HVAC system to work harder. The heater must also make up for that lost heated air, which escapes the ducts and ends up in places where you don’t need to have heat, like between walls or in the attic. 

You can see your heating bills rise as much as a third due to damaged air ducts. If you see a steep rise in your utility bills during the winter, it’s worth it to have HVAC technicians do an inspection to see if the ductwork is the problem. Fixing these leaks will not only get your heating costs back to normal, it will lower the strain on the HVAC system which can shorten its service life and prevent outside contaminants from getting into the ventilation system.

Professional Duct Sealing, Repairs, and Replacements

If we find you’ve got leaky ducts stealing money from you, we’ll correct the problem with duct sealing. This is a job you must have professionals do—you can’t seal the ducts using duct tape! We will use the finest tools available to make your ventilation system airtight once more.

If you have more extensive damage to your ducts, we offer complete services for ductwork repair and duct replacement. You can trust that we’ll make your HVAC system efficient and effective again, both for winter and for summer.

Rely on Residential Heating and Air Conditioning and you’ll “Feel the Difference”! Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991. 

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