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How Your Ducts Can Steal Your Money This Winter

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

A home has to do a lot of work during a Minnesota winter to keep the family inside it warm and comfortable. It has to trap as much heat as it can with insulation, preventing heat from escaping through any gaps around doors and windows, and produce enough heat from its HVAC system to replace the heat that gets gradually lost to the outside. If the house isn’t doing its job, it will not only mean discomfort, it will result in much higher heating costs.

But you may not know that there are other costly “heat thieves” in your home aside from bad insulation, air leaks, and a faulty heater. The ductwork that runs through the walls, ceilings, and attic of your house can drive up your energy bills without you realizing what’s happening. Damaged ducts leaking air from holes and gapping are a huge source of residential energy waste each year—and we’d like to help you notice it and stop this “theft.” We have the ductwork services in Plymouth, MN to do the job!

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Preventing Mold and Mildew in Your HVAC System

Monday, September 11th, 2023

Nobody wants mold and mildew in their house. They create unpleasant odors, cause damage to building materials, and send out toxic spores that lower indoor air quality. The worst place for mold and mildew to start to develop is inside your HVAC system. Mold and mildew in the HVAC system will spread a noxious odor around your home (“dirty sock syndrome”), impair the operation of the AC and heater, and make it easy for toxic spores to spread.

If you want to ensure your HVAC system remains mold and mildew-free, keeping up with professional AC maintenance in Plymouth, MN is a crucial important step. Below we’ll list the proactive ways to have a mold- and mildew-free HVAC system. 

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How Do I Know if I Need Duct Sealing?

Monday, July 25th, 2022

duct-sealing-with-caulkingDid you know the average house loses 20% to 30% of the air moving through the duct system because of poor connections, holes, or leaks? One of the most effective ways to reduce this air loss is by having your ducts inspected by professionals and investing in duct sealing in Minneapolis, MN.

Are you unsure if you need to invest in duct sealing? If so, learn some of the signs it is necessary in the post below. 

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