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Can You Repair a Central AC That is Leaking?

You walked outside, took a glance at your air conditioner, and then you noticed… there’s a dreaded leak.

Now your mind is racing. How long has the air conditioner been leaking? Is this going to change how your air conditioner operates? Are you going to experience a breakdown? These are all valid questions. Our professionals are able to answer all of them for you.

You need a professional to give you real guidance. We’re the team that can do this for you because we specialize in AC repair in Minneapolis, MN. You can contact us as soon as you notice a leak coming from your home’s air conditioning system.

Why Your Central AC Might Be Leaking

Let’s cover a variety of liquids that your central air conditioner might be leaking and figure out why:


There’s a certain amount of moisture that builds up within your air conditioning system. This is normal. If your air conditioning system is functioning as it should, then this moisture leaves through your home’s condensate drain.

If there’s some discord with your central air conditioning system, then you might notice a leak. Water dripping from your air conditioning system is typically a sign that you’re having issues with your main drain line. Don’t think that your central air conditioner is just sweating. It’s an issue and we can help you handle it.


A refrigerant leak is a little more serious. Any time that you’re noticing refrigerant leaking out of your system, it’s going to become an ongoing issue for your home, your air conditioning, and your comfort. Make sure that you contact a professional as soon as you notice this.

If you don’t notice the leak right away, you might notice things like:

  • Warm air coming from your system.
  • Low comfort
  • Poor airflow
  • High energy bills
  • General dissatisfaction with your home’s air conditioner.

All of these things are signs that you’re struggling with a refrigerant leak in your home. Refrigerant leaks are a problem because they’re a real strain on your home’s AC system.

When to Call a Professional

You should contact a professional as soon as you notice a leak. This is especially urgent when you have an air conditioner that’s a little on the older side. Your air conditioner’s efficiency is struggling and we have quite the summer ahead of us. We’re expecting the warmest temperatures that we’ve had in a while. If you don’t handle the air conditioning problems you’re having now, they’ll be sure to plague your home as the summer season marches on.

This is definitely the time for you to contact us. Honestly speaking, any time that you notice a leak happening with your air conditioner, you should absolutely contact a professional. Professional service is what you need to get things back on track. Professional service is an investment that will let your air conditioner last for a long time and perform well.

Contact Residential Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with us. You’ll “Feel the Difference.”

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