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3 Tips for Winterizing Your Furnace


It may still be fall for now, but there’s no denying that winter is right around the corner. You’ve probably already been using your heating system a bit this season, and we hope that it’s operating as efficiently and effectively as possible for you and your family. If you haven’t given much thought to how well your heater is functioning, then this blog post is the one you want to read.

If you want your furnace to operate as safely as possible, not cost you an arm and a leg to run each year, and keep you comfortable, you have to prepare it. So, how exactly do you do this? We have three ways! Read on to learn what they are.

Schedule Professional Heating Maintenance

If you haven’t scheduled heating maintenance already, now is the perfect time to do so. Maintenance enables our professional to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust the components that need it within your heater. This optimizes its performance and also allows us to catch problems before they either lead to heating system problems or even potential safety hazards.

Are you already a member of our maintenance program? If not, now is a great time to sign up! This will ensure that your heating system gets the care and attention it needs each year, before wintertime hits, to keep it in great shape. It should be noted that if you’re using a heat pump or a dual fuel system, this service should be done every 6 months! Our maintenance program members also receive a number of additional benefits. Contact us to learn more!

Schedule Repairs As Soon As They’re Needed

If you had your furnace professionally tuned-up by our team already this year, then we would have let you know if you needed any small repairs. This could be something such as lubricating motor bearings that have worn down, or replacing an old fan belt.

Or, it might have been something more urgent. Whether it’s urgent or seems minor though, even the smallest of repair needs have the opportunity to grow into bigger repair needs later on, so it’s best that you schedule repairs as soon as you know you need them.

Change the Air Filter

Many homeowners assume that their HVAC air filter is in place to protect their indoor air quality. However, this air filter is in place to protect the actual HVAC system from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get inside.

if the air filter gets too clogged up with debris, it restricts airflow. And that can cause your heating system to struggle, as it tries to unsuccessfully reach the desired temperature you have set on your thermostat. Because of this, you’ll be using your furnace inefficiently, and as a result you’ll be paying more for its use. After all, it will have to run longer and therefore draw on more energy in order to function.

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