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“Should I Get Radiant Heating?”

floor-heating-installation-in-houseSometimes, when we suggest “radiant heating” to homeowners upgrading their heating or renovating their home we’re met with some puzzled looks. Radiant heating definitely isn’t as common as other methods of heating, but it’s just as good of an option, if not a great option, for many homeowners. Just because a furnace is a more familiar option doesn’t mean it’s the one you should go with.

Now we understand why you’d feel a little hesitant. Going into uncharted territory with something as expensive and long-lasting as a heating system can be a little scary. That’s why we’ve created a guide to these types of systems below. If you’re looking for a radiant heating system in Minneapolis, MN then make sure that you contact our team.

Radiant Heating 101

To really understand why you should make the switch over to radiant heating, you need to understand what radiant heating is. We service a lot of homeowners who have a really basic understanding of radiant heating or they think they know what radiant heating is but don’t actually know at all.

Radiant heating is the type of heating that warms your home through objects rather than through the air. That’s the biggest distinction to note. When you’re thinking of heating, you’re probably thinking of a furnace system that circulates heated air through a network of ducts to raise your home’s overall temperature.

Radiant heating uses either electricity or a hydronic system to radiate heat through subwalls, subflooring, or a radiator. That said, it’s best installed when a new home is being built, or if you’re doing remodeling—though we’re happy to discuss your retrofit options with you.

Why You Should Make the Switch

So now that you understand how a radiant heating system works you might think to yourself, “But why should I make the switch?” First off, if you’re already making major renovations to your home, this is an excellent upgrade to add! Radiant heating is…

  • Comfortable: One of the main reasons that homeowners prefer radiant heating to forced-air heating is the superior level of comfort. We all know what warm air blowing over us on a cold day feels like. While this sensation is a relief from the cold, it really can’t compare to the feeling of the summer sun shining down on you. Radiant heating mimics the feeling of the sun’s rays radiating down on you. If you’re looking for that extra degree of comfort, make sure that you contact our professional team.
  • Cost-Effective: Most radiant systems are hydronic meaning that they use a boiler to transmit heated water throughout your home rather than electricity. If you’re one of the many homeowners making the switch from a furnace, the indisputable fact is that this is an upgrade when it comes to efficacy because water is a better conductor of heat than air. A hydronic radiant heating system uses less energy to heat your home which is easier on your heating system (thereby extending its lifespan) and helps lower your heating bills.

If you’re ready to make the switch from forced air heating to radiant heating this winter, contact our team at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re the radiant heating experts and we’ll make sure to keep your home in top condition.

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