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Signs You Need a New Boiler System

As the heating season slowly but surely comes to a close, you may be deciding if it’s time for you to start looking into a new boiler system. Goodness knows that when you live in a climate like ours, you need a durable and powerful heating system. And a boiler system fits the bill! But unfortunately, no heating system will last forever. We’ll get into more details below, but you can’t really expect a useful service life past 15-20 years for the average, well-maintained boiler system.

Aside from age, there are some other ways to tell if your boiler is needing an upgrade, too. Lastly, you might discover you don’t even want to replace your system with another boiler, but rather a furnace system. We’ll talk about that below, too! Read on to learn more.

How Long Does a Boiler Last in Minnesota?

You might think that with as much use as we get from our boiler systems here in the Minneapolis area, it would cause boilers to break down sooner than in other areas. But this isn’t necessarily true, as long as you’re having your boiler system routinely maintained by a professional. That said, the average useful lifespan of a boiler is between 15 and 20 years, with some models of electric boilers lasting even longer.

That said if your boiler is about 15 years old and is starting to struggle–for example if it has frequent repair needs or isn’t operating as efficiently as it once did–it’s a good idea to start looking into your replacement options. Otherwise, your system can fall victim to corrosion and leaks, which can leave you with a sudden water heater breakdown instead of a gradual decline.

Boilers vs. Furnaces

Boilers are very powerful heating systems, but not right for every home! Furnaces are forced-air systems while boilers are hydronic. If you already have ductwork in your home for your central air conditioner, then you may prefer a furnace. Furnaces can run on electricity or natural gas, just like a boiler system, but regardless of the fuel type they typically cost less to install, and today’s furnaces can be highly efficient when properly installed (and sized).

Choosing to upgrade to another boiler is also a great choice, though! Boilers are highly efficient, there are fewer moving parts required to generate heat (this means they require less maintenance), and the heat transfer into your home from radiant heat is often preferable over forced-air heating.

Common Boiler Issues

We’re going to mention maintenance here again–professional maintenance can help you avoid up to 85% of the repair needs that your boiler may ever need. Of course, that doesn’t mean that wear and tear will never impact your boiler. With or without maintenance, common boiler issues include boiler leaks, low hot water volume, kettling, or the boiler switching off because it’s overloading the electrical system. These are all repairable problems, and our team is happy to help!

If you believe your boiler is in need of repair and not necessarily replacement, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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