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Why Cranking Your Thermostat So High Isn’t Working

studio shot of modern thermostatIt’s cold here in Minneapolis and you’re relying on your heater more than ever, but are you using your system correctly? Running this system incorrectly is a lot more common than you might think. When it comes to operating your heater, the thermostat is the starting point of the system, it’s the point that sets all others in motion.

The biggest furnace problem homeowners have is coming home from a chilly day here in Minneapolis and cranking their thermostat temperature up too high. We understand this line of thought, but we’re here to correct some common misconceptions about how your heating system works. If you’re concerned about your thermostat here in Minneapolis, MN then contact our team today. If you want to know how to save money by running your thermostat correctly, keep reading below.

A High Setting Doesn’t Equate to Fast Heat

We get it, you’re coming home from a bitterly cold day here in Minneapolis and you want to be enveloped in the comfort of a warm home. The solution to this isn’t cranking the heat high. You might think this because you’re assuming that a higher temperature will make your home heat faster, but this is incorrect.

When you set your thermostat to a high setting, all your going to do is make your heating system run longer. When the temperature is set to a high setting, your heater will run until it reaches this temperature. Running your system this way is bad for the overall health of your unit, the longevity, and the energy efficiency of your home. In these situations, it’s better to set your temperature to a moderate level and wait for it to heat your home.

“What If I Don’t Want to Wait?”

We understand that it’s hard to have patience when the temperatures outside are freezing. If you don’t want to wait around with a red nose, freezing fingers, and a heavy winter coat on inside your own home then it’s time to invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are great because they allow remote access. This means that you can access your thermostat from anywhere in the world with WiFi. In this instance, it means that you can set the thermostat in your home from your phone and have your home heating up before you begin your journey home.

If you’re worried about energy efficiency, smart thermostats are great because they analyze your home. Once you install this type of thermostat in your home, it will start logging what times you typically turn on your thermostat each day and what your preferred temperatures are. After a few weeks, your thermostat will start to anticipate your needs and turn on the system for you (if you allow this capability) and even show you opportunities to save on energy expenses.

Many homeowners shy away from the process of installing a new smart thermostat in their home because it can be expensive, but it’s always worthwhile. This updated technology is great for your comfort, the environment, and your wallet!

If you need help finding the best thermostat for your home, contact Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll help you find the best unit for your needs.

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