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Central Air Conditioning vs Ductless Air Conditioning

blue-question-markStaying cool during a Minneapolis summer can be quite the task. If you’re ready to make a change in your home this summer because your air conditioner couldn’t quite do the task last year, then it’s important to consider an upgrade when necessary. In our area, most people are interested in central air conditioning and ductless air conditioning in Minneapolis, MN

We’re the professionals who can make sure that you have proper installation no matter what you choose. We understand central air conditioning and ductless air conditioning in all contexts. Let’s talk about the ins and outs of central air conditioning and ductless air conditioning below.

The Pros and Cons of Central Air Conditioning 

Although central air conditioning is a great choice for many, it might not be right for you. Here are the pros and cons of having a central air conditioning system.


Central air conditioning is great because it’s reliable, efficient, and familiar. Let’s get into each of these topics.

  • Reliable: So many people rely on central air conditioning because it’s reliable. Because so many of us in this area already have homes that include a centralized network of ducts, hooking your central air conditioner up to this is great. Because you know the ductwork works, you know you can always count on it as well.
  • Efficient: New central air conditioners on the market have better SEER ratings than ever before. This means you’ll have better efficiency than you’ve ever experienced before when you get yourself a new system.
  • Familiar: It’s likely that you’ve run a central air conditioner in your home before. This familiarity makes the process of getting a new air conditioner in your home much easier.


One of the main cons of central air conditioning is the potential inefficiency that can come without proper care. Central air conditioning can slow down efficiency-wise if you don’t have your ducts properly cleaned, if your ducts wear down over time, or if your vents are blocked. Staying on top of this will prevent trouble.

The Pros and Cons of Ductless Air Conditioning 

Ductless air conditioning systems are great, but to figure out if they’re great for you there are many factors you need to consider. 


Ductless air conditioners are great because they’re adaptable, efficient, and provide you with better comfort. Let’s get into how below.

  • Adaptable: Ductless mini splits use individual air handlers. This means you can run them individually or all together to mimic the type of coverage you’d get from a centralized air conditioner. 
  • Efficient: Ductless mini splits are great because they’re heat pumps. This means that they move warmth where you want it rather than generating it in the same way that a furnace would. Since they’re heat pumps, they can also cool your home from the same unit as well.
  • Better Comfort: You can get your cooling right where you need it rather than blasting it through the entire space. This means getting faster comfort right where you need it and saving money in the process. 


One of the main drawbacks of a ductless air conditioning unit is the aesthetic of the system. The air handlers are visible and more than likely need to be mounted on a wall. If this is a huge drawback for you, then this might not the system to consider. 

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