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3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality 

It’s easy to focus solely on your air conditioning when summer rolls around, but one thing you don’t want to discount is your indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is just as important as your air conditioning when it comes to staying cool. When it comes to indoor air quality, humidity balance actually plays into how cool you might feel. We’ll get into all the details below. 

For now though, if you’re concerned with your indoor air quality in Eden Prairie, MN, we’re the professionals you can turn to. We make sure to provide you with the right work including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance no matter what system you choose. Here are three systems you should consider the following units when you want to improve your indoor air quality service in the upcoming months. 

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

The first way that you can improve your indoor air quality is through the use of a humidifier or dehumidifier. 

We’ll start off with humidifiers. Humidifiers are great because they add moisture to your space. Your moisture should balance in between 30% and 50%. If it dips below 30%, you’re going to notice a lack of moisture in your home. This often manifests as an uptick in static electricity and, in winter, it can also manifest as feeling cooler than you should. Humidifiers are often a heater’s partner in crime. They help you feel warmer at cooler temperatures which means a decreased reliance on your heater, less energy consumption, and cost savings. 

Now, let’s get into dehumidifiers. This is more relevant for the upcoming months. If humidifiers help you feel warmer, then dehumidifiers help you feel cooler. It can be quite the feat cooling off during an Eden Prarie summer and these systems do the job to help you feel cooler even when the temperature is set to a higher setting. This means better efficiency and cost savings as well.

Air Filters and Purifiers

If you’re concerned with the cleanliness of your home’s air, then we suggest that you choose an air filter or air purifier. Both of these units do the job of eliminating contaminants, bacteria, and viruses, they just do it through different means. Air filters use high-quality media filters to keep contaminants at bay and electronic air purifiers use the power of electric fields to remove unwanted contaminants passing through your vents. 

Air filters and air purifiers can be a challenging place to start with your indoor air quality because there are so many options. If you need help choosing what you want, then we’re the ones to turn to. We have the expertise necessary to point you in the right direction.

Asbestos Removal

The last thing you want in your home is asbestos. If you live in an older home and you’re suspicious about the presence of asbestos, then our professionals will help you determine if it’s there or not. If we do find the presence of asbestos, we’ll make sure that we facilitate quick and safe removal. 

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