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FAQs For Homeowners Experiencing Air Conditioning Fan Problems

When we reach this part of summer, you might notice that your air conditioner is starting to show its faults. This is frustrating when it happens. No one wants to be sitting around in their home wondering why they’re hot and struggling to fix the issue.

If you’ve done a little research and realized that you’re having air conditioning fan problems, then you’ve found the right blog. We’re available to help you with all the services you need. We’re experts in everything air conditioning repair in St. Paul, MN. We’re ready to help you with your air conditioning service this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we hear often from the homeowners we work with.

Question: What causes an AC fan to stop working?

Most of the time, your air conditioner’s fan is going to stop working due to a bad capacitator. The capacitator keeps your motor running and, in turn, your fan spinning. In other cases, there can be a blockage in your system that stops the fan.

Question: How do I know if my AC motor fan is bad?

You can tell that your fan motor has gone bad by the following:

  • Your fan won’t start
  • You’re hearing rattling, humming, and buzzing noises
  • You notice a lack of cold air

Question: How long does an AC fan motor last?

An air conditioning fan motor is going to last you about 12 years. This is about as long as your air conditioner is going to last you (10-15 years).

Question: Will the AC fan run if the compressor is bad?

Yes, your air conditioner’s fan can run even if the compressor is bad, but it’s not going to run well. You might notice odd noises, a shaking outdoor unit, or warm air in the home.

Question: Why is my AC fan making noises?

If your AC fan is making weird noises, it’s usually because of a bad blower unit or a loose fan blade. We can help you figure out what’s wrong.

How To Handle Your Fan Problems

Now that we’ve run through some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from homeowners, it’s time for you to handle your fan problems. Before we say anything else, we want you to know that we strongly advise against DIY efforts. You shouldn’t try to fix these issues on your own. Professional service is always going to be something that you should invest in.

Professional service is what you want because professionals like ours are the only ones that can handle fixing your air conditioner once and for all. We’re prepared to help you with what you need.

Take Things a Step Further

If you’d like to take care of your air conditioner long-term, then you should invest in maintenance services. We have a maintenance program on our team that you can enroll in. Part of our maintenance check includes looking in at your fan. Here is the rest of what we do:

  • Clean the burners
  • Clean and replaced sensors as needed
  • Clean out the condensate line
  • Check the limit and safety switches
  • Check the air filter (new filter not included)
  • Check the humidifier (new humidifier pad not included)
  • Clean the blower motor
  • Check the heat exchanger for damage
  • Clean the condenser
  • Clean and oil the condensate fan
  • Check refrigerant pressure (new refrigerant not included)

This is a great way to make sure that you always have quality air conditioning in your home.

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