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What an Inefficient Heater Looks Like

blue-question-markIf you’ve ever looked through our blog before or even read any other HVAC contractor’s blog, then we’re sure that you’ve seen the phrase “inefficient heater” thrown around. You might have even had some symptoms listed alongside of this. Do you know what an inefficient heater looks like in explicit terms though? We’re here to make it clear for you today.

We specialize in heating repair in Maple Grove, MN. All of our technicians are seasoned. They’ve seen quite a few failing heaters throughout a winter season. This means that you won’t have to worry when they come out to your home to fix an issue. They know what they’re doing and they’re going to help your home’s heater improve.

The Signs of Heater Inefficiency

These are all the signs that your home’s heater is struggling to perform and perform well.

Sign 1: Longer Heating Times

This is typically one of the first signs that something has gone wrong with your heater. You need to make sure that your senses are laser-sharp to notice something like this. Make sure you’re paying attention to patterns and even subtle changes in your home heating habits. If you notice that you’re running your heater for longer periods of time or at higher thermostat temperatures, then you need to call us for heating work.

Sign 2: Higher Energy Bills

High energy bills are a clear sign that your heater’s efficiency is on the chopping block. You shouldn’t deal with these problems long-term. If you have, then it’s time to sub in a professional.

Sign 3: Cool Air

You might not notice cool air coming from your home’s heater right away. Instead, you might just notice that you feel like you have to put more personal effort into getting your heater to work. Maybe you’re a little more vigilant, you’re hovering over your thermostat, or you’re even running your heater for longer than you should. These are all signs of cool air.

Sign 4: Hot and Cold Spots

There are certain places in your home that naturally run a little hotter or cooler. You can expect this, and it isn’t a problem. What is a problem though is extreme temperature disparities in different places in your home. Your heater should be perfectly fit for the needs of your home. Problems with your heater indicate a bad fit and subsequent heating inefficiency.

Sign 5: An Increased Need for Heating Repair

You have to repair your heater more than you ever have before. It seems as if each winter brings along yet another heating problem. The type of problem depends on the year. Some years you have trouble with loud sounds and other years you have problems with odd run times. You and your heating technician of choice are really starting to build a rapport because they visit your home so often. This is a clear sign of inefficiency. You need to get to the root of the issue, and we can help.

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