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How Do I Get the Most out of My Furnace?

How happy would you be to find out that you paid extra money just to get the bare minimum of heat from your furnace? You likely wouldn’t be thrilled.

It is no surprise that everyone wants their system to heat their home in both an effective and highly efficient manner. When it comes to furnace efficiency in Minneapolis, MN, there is more to consider than just how often you use the system.

Furnace efficiency can be helped or hindered by a variety of factors. We’ll give you some quick tips to help you enjoy the best efficiency and warmth from your furnace heater moving forward.

Our Tips for Better Furnace Efficiency

Your furnace may benefit from some of these helpful ideas.

  1. Keep doors and windows closed. If you need a breath of fresh air, it is best to step outside for a minute rather than cracking a window. Leaving doors and windows open can allow warm air to escape, increasing the amount of work that your heater has to do and the amount of energy it uses. Keeping doors and windows closed will keep bills lower.
  2. Lower your thermostat. We know that cold weather makes most of us want to increase the temperature on the thermostat. However, we advise keeping your thermostat set to 68°F during the day. At this temperature, you can enjoy a warm home without driving up your energy bills.
  3. Bundle up. Struggling to keep the thermostat setting below 70°F? We know that it can be hard to keep that temperature lower which is why we want you to know that bundling up is a great idea. Snuggle into a sweater and cozy socks to feel warmer so you can more easily reduce the use of your heater.
  4. Check and change your filter. The filter for your heater is important for its efficiency. It keeps dust and debris out of your heating system, allowing your heater to function the way it needs to. Make sure to keep a clean filter in place by checking and changing it every one to three months. You may be surprised to discover how much lower your energy bills can be after a filter change.
  5. Keep your vents clean and clear. You want to do everything you can to assist strong, steady airflow throughout the house to ensure there isn’t anything straining your heater. Furniture, decor, or dust covering your vents can reduce the strength of the warm air exiting the ducts, reducing your comfort but increasing your energy bills. Wipe down your vents regularly and make sure that there are no plants, chairs, lamps, or other decor items in front of them.
  6. Let the light in. Sunlight carries a good deal of radiant heat. Leaving the curtains or blinds open when the sun is on them can help to heat up the house on a cold day. This can reduce the amount of work the heater has to do, which increases its efficiency.
  7. Schedule heater maintenance and repairs with a professional. Yearly maintenance and expert repairs done in a timely manner are both surefire ways to get better performance and efficiency from your home’s heater.

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