Avoiding a Bad Contractor: What Happens In a Bad Install and Some Advice?

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When you are tired of the ho-hum level of comfort from your old air conditioner or you know it’s time to replace your current unit, Residential Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help. We’ve been serving Minnesotans for over 25 years and keep up on installation procedures to always do right by our customers.

Over the years, as we’ve helped over 35,000 families, there have been some difficult moments where we’ve had to repair or redo jobs gone wrong. Make sure you hire a technician who knows how to do the job right and stands by their work. We’ve seen more of this situation than we’d like and want to make sure you are protected from inexperienced, low quality work.

Here are some of our recommendations when it comes to finding the right contractor to do the job and avoiding the kind of situation where your investment in an installation goes wrong.

Recently, we were helping a customer referred to us from her neighbor. That neighbor has been a long-term client we’ve enjoyed helping over the years with maintenance and installation. When we showed up to the new customer’s home and took a look at the work done to install a brand new central air system, we were shocked to see she had bought a very expensive model, but was actually paying MORE each month for her air conditioning.

What happened? The installer cut corners, allowing him to get the job done fast. She told us since she was paying a lot of money for a high efficiency unit, she wanted to save as much as she could on the installation. The price had seemed too good to be true, and it was. When she called the guy to ask about her energy bill, he gave her a poor excuse and was unwilling to help.

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Wasted Energy with Low Quality Installation

According to Energystar.gov, a poor air conditioning installation service in Minneapolis, MN typically causes your system to waste about 27% of the energy it uses. This woman’s install followed some of the typical causes listed on Energy Star’s site. There were poor connections to ductwork causing leakages, an incorrect refrigerant coolant fill level, and airflow loss. Another cause is an improperly sized installation.

A Better Result with the Pros

After we fixed duct-work and corrected the coolant levels, along with full thermostat and pressure testing. When she called us a month later, her good news made our day, her cooling costs had gone down 30% from her old AC usage bills as her model was supposed to do. She was so happy to know her AC was actually working as promised now what a relief after the shock of higher bills after a newer model was installed!

Lessons Learned

Going back, one of the things she would have changed was being more skeptical of a massively lower price. When you call several area contractors, you can expect differences in pricing and labor estimates, but a grossly lower amount should be a red flag. You need to ask a lot of questions about the service included and a labor warranty. Also, make sure you read online reviews on Google and yelp, not just on a company website. Talk to your community and make sure you feel you can trust this contractor’s work.

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